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XT-IDE Rev 4.1, ISA 8-Bit IDE Controller card **NEW** XTIDE

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XT-IDE rev 4.1 disk controller. .

Bring new life to your Retro system, add an IDE hard drive to a system that never had a HDD or replace a failing MFM with a Larger IDE drive or add an adapter for a CF card and make file transfers easy.

These are fully assembled and tested disk controllers for interfacing newer IDE drives, industrial Flash modules, DOM's, and Compact Flash cards (with an adapter, not included) to 8-bit ISA computers. They can also be used with 16-bit ISA systems, and have been tested in machines ranging from the original IBM 5150 PC through 1 GHz Pentium 3 industrial machines.

This controller is built with new made, high quality PC board with the following features:

  • Standard 0.062" thickness FR4 substrate
  • Assembled by hand In the USA with new imported components
  • All components and settings described in silkscreen legend
  • Jumper pads for easier installation of Slot 8 Support module
  • Delay chains for improved ATA drive compatibility
  • Fully open source, board schematics and layout available on GitHub
  • Gold plated edge connector

Boards are shipped with the following configuration:

  • I/O Address: 0x300
  • EEPROM Address: 0xD0000
  • J1/J2 set for Compatibility Mode
  • XT-IDE Universal BIOS v2.0.0 B3 pre-programmed in EEPROM
  • J4 Open for IDE pin 20 power
  • AT28C64B 8K EEPROM
  • Gold plated edge connector for durability

Shipped USPS within one business day
Based on Xt-Ide By glitch works