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XT-IDE Deluxe - Bootable ISA CF+IDE Interface Card - Slot-8 - 256MB CF card

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256MB bootable CF card Included
XT-IDE Deluxe new feature!
The XT-IDE Deluxe has both the internal IDE connector, as well as a rear-accessible CompactFlash card slot, which allows easy swapping of cards or transfer between vintage and modern PC.

You can use one or the other, or both!
The CF slot is set to master by default, as some CF cards don't like being slave. You can change this with a jumper on the CF daughterboard.
Max 2 drives, one as master, one as slave.
So you could have one IDE drive on an IDE cable, and the rear-accessible CF slot populated.
Or you can have just the CF slot, or up to two IDE drives on an IDE cable, with no CF card in the slot.

Typical uses:
  • Add IDE HDD or CF card to an 8-bit ISA system such as IBM PC, XT, and clones.
  • Add IDE support to a system without IDE support in the BIOS (like AT and PS/2).
By default the XT-IDE BIOS comes configured for:
  • 8088(and higher)-compatible BIOS.
  • Use the XT-IDE Card's IDE interface at 300h, no IRQ.
  • Boot first hard drive unless user presses A for floppy.
Any of the above can be changed with the simple DOS utility.

Switches and jumpers control:
  • I/O port for the onboard 8-bit IDE interface
  • I/O port for the Option ROM
  • Option ROM Enable
  • Option ROM Write-protect
  • Compatibility mode and HiSpeed mode
  • Provide 5V on IDE pin 20, which can power some DoMs and CF adapters.
  • IBM XT Slot-8 Support
There are pads for an optional power output connector. Useful for powering an IDE HDD in machines such as the PS/2 Model 30, which doesn't have a spare power connector from the power supply.

Design file available on GitHub @