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XT-CF - Bootable 8-bit ISA CompactFlash - XT-IDE With Slot 8 Support

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64MB bootable CF card Included
Bootable XT-IDE with rear accessible CF card slot, expansion card provides a Compact Flash card interface to 8-bit ISA systems such as PC/XT.
Use a CF card. It's Silent, and more reliable than an old mechanical hard drive.

****IBM XT Slot-8 Support Components installed by default****

By default the XT-IDE BIOS comes configured for:
  • XT(and higher)-compatible BIOS.
  • Use the XT-CF's IDE controller at 300h, no IRQ.
  • Boot first hard drive unless user presses A for floppy.
Note: Not all CF cards will work. Most work, but some don't adhere to the CF standard fully, and won't work. The full size XT-IDE card with an IDE>CF adapter, is compatible with more CF cards.