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Blue Lava Systems Inc.

AdLib OPL2 Sound Card 8-Bit ISA – AdLib Clone

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Reproduction AdLib Sound Card, OPL2, Circa 1990
This is a (nearly) exact clone of the 1990 version of the AdLib sound card.

A fully functional clone of the original Adlib sound card built as faithfully as possible to the 1990 version of the card.

Like the original card, it is not configurable and hardcoded to port 0x388, so no need to make any changes. Just plug it in to any computer with an 8 or 16 bit ISA slot and select Adlib in your favorite Vintage DOS games!

Compatible with almost anything with an ISA slot, from the IBM 5150 and up.
No drivers needed - just need to tell your game to use Adlib if it doesn't detect automatically.

Thanks to Schlae on GitHub for the PCB design! His work was released under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0, and we appreciate his great replica!